Банк пуповинной крови Института клеточной терапии: наши преимущества



Open Day at the FIRST licensed Cryobank in Ukraine. We are waiting for you at our webinar.

Biological insurance for your child

The cord blood stem cells of your baby are 100% appropriatefor him or her and from 20% to 75% of cases are suitable for the treatment of close relatives


We guard the most valuable

Cord blood stem cells can replace any damaged cell in the body: blood, skin, muscle, brain, heart tissue


Present a healthy future

The biospecimenstored in the cryobank forever preserves its properties and, through many years, can save lives or restore health


We care about beauty

Cosmetic effect of our biopreparations based on placenta extract is more effective than invasive proceduresin cosmetic salon

Stem cells can help maintain the health not only for the child, but also for other family members

More than 20,000 families have entrusted the storage of cord blood stem cells and placenta to our Cryobank


Our advantages

benefits Unique cryopreservation technique

Own scientificallydeveloped cryopreservation technology ensures high cell viability after thawing

benefits Modern material base

Provides a full cycle of processing cord blood and other biospecimens. Having our PCR laboratory ensures high purity and quality of produced biospecimens

benefits Qualified staff

Over 40 years of experience in cryobiology and regular professional development allow us to conduct scientific research to improve the technology of cryoconservation of cells and tissues

benefits Liability Insurance

Insurance amount in the amount of: 5 000 000, 00 UAH


benefits Accreditations and The international cooperation

30 patents for unique technologies. The first license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the cord blood banks. The only cryobank in Ukraine with accreditation ISO 9001:2015. Professional membership in the International Placental Stem Cell Society (IPLASS) and the International Society for Cell Therapy (ISCT)

benefits 24/7 service support

Autonomous power supply of the cryostorage. Providing of a Dewar vessel for transportation to another clinic. On-line broadcasting of the cryostorage process

Articles and news

Call or write, and the Cryobank consultant will give comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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