Loyalty program

When signing a contract, the Cryobank provides all clients the opportunity to get an individual discount, totally consisting of:


Signing a contract at the event “Doors Open Day”


Bonus at the birth of twins


Gift certificate for the participation in Cryobank events


Bonus at the birth of triplet


Bonus fo recurring clients*

Partners’ programs

For the detailed specification of the conditions on optional partners’ programs it is necessary to contact us at tel+38 044 207 9 207

*if there is no put in delay debt due to previous contract

Answers to some questions
What is the amount of advance payment and when is it paid?

The amount of advance payment makes 3,000 UAH and is paid by the customer (Father or Mother) at the moment of signing a Contract

If the results of virusological or bacteriological tests are positive or if the content of nucleated cells or their viability is too low, that may be indicative of the impossibility of the Biological material further storage, advance payment is not returned

Payment is returned in case if despite the already signed Contract, the Biological material will not be collected because of the Performer or in the case of complications, that may occur during labour. In these cases the payment is returned during 30 calendar days from the moment of labour

When is the main payment made?

The Customer is making main payment during 7 calendar days from the moment of notification of the Customer by the Performer about the rediness of the Performer to issue a Certificate to the Customer

If I make prepayment for storage for several years, what will be the price and will it be necessary to pay for the first year?

Call or write, and the Cryobank consultant will give comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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