Cord Blood Benefits

  • Activity. Contains young and more active cells, with a higher ability to divide and differentiate
  • Clean. There is no risk of transmission of infections, which is not excluded even with careful examination of donor bone marrow.
  • Compatibility. Lower risk of developing a graft versus host disease and other immunological complications that often arise during transplantation of donor “adult” stem cells
  • The presence of both hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells. This expands the use of cord blood.
  • Endothelial progenitor cells. Their high content can restore blood vessels and heart.
  • Multipotent cells. They can be isolated only from cord blood and used as a biological raw material for growing tissues (bones, cartilage, skin)
  • Availability. Stem cells are ready to use immediately. Unlike a donor transplant, the search for which can last for years
  • Safety. The procedure for collecting cord blood is completely safe and painless for mother and child. In contrast, bone marrow aspiration is a traumatic procedure, and collecting of stem cells from peripheral blood requires the use of special harmful medicines
  • Cost effective. The cost of storing cord blood stem cells of a child even during his life is much cheaper than the cost of a donor sample.

Everyone knows about the magical properties of the bone marrow, the transplantation of which is often the only way to save from leukemia. However, in addition to the high cost of the transplant, it is very difficult to find a compatible bone marrow donor. After all, each of us is unique due to the immune passport or HLA antigen complex on nucleated cells.
Only 30% of the population of Europe has a chance to find their immunological twin, an ideal donor, and for ethnic minorities this probability is less than 1 chance per million.

The cryopreserved umbilical cord blood of your child in 100% of cases is suitable for him and with high probability for his close relatives.

Therefore, saving cord blood is important not only for the healthy future of your child, but also for the whole family!