Cord blood drugs are officially approved for use

Every treatment or drug was once used for the first time. Sometimes it takes decades for a new product to become widely used. This way the mankind got aspirin, insulin, antibiotics, anesthesia, vaccines …

In 1959, bone marrow stem cells were for the first time transplanted for the treatment of leukemia – now it is the “gold standard” in oncohematology. And in 1988, the first successful cord blood stem cells transplant was carried out and today cord blood is a worthy alternative to the bone marrow

Cell therapy has great potential for the treatment of fatal diseases, but before obtaining official permission to use, new therapies undergo thorough preclinical and clinical studies, evaluating their efficacy and safety

One of the most authoritative regulatory agencies is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is known for its precision approach to testing new drugs. And today the FDA has officially approved 16 cell and gene drugs for use. Of these, 8 drugs are made on the basis of umbilical cord blood. This confirms the recognition of the efficacy and safety of the use of cord blood stem cells by world medicine

In Ukraine, the Institute of Cell Therapy is the leader in the development and research of innovative therapies and biologics based on stem cells.Methods of treatment of acute pancreatitis and chronic lower limbs ischemia were officially approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Preserving cord blood, placenta and umbilical cord of your child in the Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy, you provide your baby the possibility to obtain immunologically perfectly compatible drugs for the treatment in future