Another source of stem cells

In humans, nature has laid a perfect regeneration program. Recovery from damage, whether it is a injury, burn, fracture, or exhaustion due to stress, is carried out with the help of stem cells that are in every tissue. These progenitor cells, if necessary, are transformed into specialized cells of organs

However, the number of stem cells in the human body is rapidly decreasing with age

Scientists have found a solution to this problem: isolate and freeze stem cells while the person is young and healthy, and eventually use them as the most natural remedy for the correction of impaired functions or general recovery

Sources of adult stem cells:

  • Bone marrow
  • Peripheral blood
  • Adipose tissue
  • Pulp of milk teeth and wisdom teeth
  • Menstrual blood
  • Breast milk

From this tissues can be extracted:

  1. Hematopoietic stem cells
    The generally accepted and sometimes the only method for the treatment of malignant blood diseases, genetic disorders of the immune system and metabolism
  2. Mesenchymal stem cells
    Used for growing of skin, bones, blood vessels, heart valves. In the clinical trials, they are used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems: myocardial infarction, multiple sclerosis, stroke, osteoarthritis, nonhealing fractures

Pecularities of collecting stem cells from another sources

  • Bone marrow.  May be collected from the sternum or the iliac crest through surgery
  • Adipose tissue.  The biospecimen is obtained surgically, stem cells are isolated in the laboratory
  • Peripheral blood.  The release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the peripheral blood is stimulated by special drugs and then stem cells are collected using certain techniques
  • Pulp of baby teeth and wisdom teeth, menstrual blood and breast milk. Least studied stem cell sources

Biotechnologies of the Cryobank of Institute of Cell Therapy

  • The method of isolation and cultivation of cartilage cells (chondrocytes) from intervertebral discs, developed in collaboration with the Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, NAMS, Ukraine, won in the nomination of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine “The Best Project” in 2015. The technique is successfully used in the treatment of herniated intervertebral discs
  • Stem cell banking and production of cell preparations is regulated by international requirements and standards: FDA, ISO, GMP, GCP, JACIE

In the last decade, leading pharmaceutical companies are increasingly investing in biotechnology. This gives grounds to expect a revolutionary replacement of chemical agents by cellular products in the treatment of many serious diseases