Cryobank participates in international scientific projects

Science is developing rapidly, and to date, modern, socially important scientific
research is possible only in international cooperation. After all, such techno-intensive
fields as cell and molecular biology, genetics require extremely expensive equipment,
which is available only in a few scientific centres of the world, as well as the
participation of highly qualified specialists with unique experience. The logistics of
modern scientific studies often look the way that part of the research is conducted in
the USA, part in Ukraine, Japan or Australia.
High qualification of the Cryobank employees and modern equipment allows the
Institute of Cell Therapy to carry out high-tech scientific research in the field of
molecular biology, the results of which allow to create new cell and gene engineered
products, to participate in international scientific projects.
Earlier, we reported on the participation of Cryobank in the European Cooperation for
Science and Technology, in which the staff of the Center for Science of the Institute
of Cell Therapy during 2018-2022 are implementing an international scientific
project on the study of perinatal tissues (umbilical cord, placenta). The research was
supported by the international grant COST Action CA17116 from the Horizon 2020
European Union program.
The Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy also participated in the implementation
of the Thymistem international scientific project within the framework of the 7th
Framework Program of the European Union, supported by a € 6.1 million grant.
Since 2019, the Institute for Cell Therapy, in the framework of the scientific
collaboration between Ukraine and France, is participating in an international
scientific project “The Impact of Circulating Viral Transactivator Proteins (HIV-1 Tat
and EBV Zta) on Gene Expression in B-Cell Lymphomagenesis”.
Participation of the Institute of Cell Therapy researchers in international scientific
projects allows Cryobank to keep up with the most uptodate standards, to get access
to the latest technologies of biomaterial cryopreservation and cell therapy, to share
their own experience with foreign partners. Accordingly, the clients of Cryobank and
the patients of the Institute of Cell Therapy Clinic are the first to get access to the
latest achievements of world medicine.