The Institute of Cell Therapy took part in the conference “Technical Progress in Medicine”

On May 29 – June 1, 2019, the international scientific conference “Technical
Progress in Medicine” took place in Gdansk, Poland, in which both leading
scientists and practical physicians from all over the world (the USA, Australia, the
countries of the Western and Eastern Europe) participated. The scientific
representatives of the Institute of Cell Therapy also took an active part in the
Congress, having presenting a research paper, devoted to the application of
modern histochemical and immunohistochemical methods of investigations in
biomedical studies.

Scientific papers of the conference were published in the international peer
reviewed journal “Wiadomosci Lekarskiе”, which is a part of such prestigious
scientiometric databases as Scopus and Pubmed.

Among the hot button topics of the conference were discussed the problems of
nanomedicine, oncology, cell technologies, medical ethics and history of medicine,
personalized medicine, based on the study of genome.

In the joint work of the authors Krzysztof Dowgierd and Bartłomiej Nierzwicki
(Poland, USA), possibilities of application of mesenchymal stem cells, isolated from
adipose tissue in dentistry, in particular, in maxillofacial surgery, were considered.
Among the indications for cell therapy, reconstructive surgery of the significant bone
defects of the facial skull was noted. Significant reparative effect of stem cells and
improvement of functional activity of the maxillofacial joint was shown.

It was noted that technological advances in medicine over the last decade have
fundamentally changed the approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of a number
of socially important diseases, including the use of cell-based technologies and
nanomedicine, greatly improving the therapeutic effectiveness and quality of life of

In Ukraine, the material and technical base as well as staff potential of the
Institute of Cell Therapy allow to carry out complex high-tech research in
molecular and cell biology on the uptodate scientific level, the results of
which are actively implemented in the clinical process of the Institute Clinic
and become the basis for optimization of methods of cord blood, placenta
and umbilical cord cryopreservation in the Cryobank.