Is it necessary to preserve the cord blood of twins?

Parents who are waiting for twins often have a question if it is advisable to store umbilical cord blood and other perinatal tissues (umbilical cord, placenta) of both twins

The answer is definitely YES

Experts recommend to preserve the stem cells of each baby, because the twins are in most cases fraternal, which means that the probability of immunological compatibility between them is the same as for ordinary siblings (brothers or sisters) and is 20-75%

The storage of cord blood at the birth of twins makes it possible to provide children with a sufficient number of stem cells as a biological insurance for the future

It has been scientifically proven that the volume of blood collected from each umbilical cord during multiple births is less than in the case of having one child, the number of stem cells in 1 ml of umbilical cord blood is predominantly higher

The Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy pays considerable attention to the qualitative collection of umbilical cord blood in maternity hospitals, especially during multiple pregnancies, and conducts regular briefings of obstetric brigades