Long youth and health, a chance given by the stem cells

Prevention is cheaper than treatment: this applies not only to diseases, but also to age-related changes in the organism. Being physically and psychologically young is beneficial, because the younger the body, the more effectively it resists diseases. Modern technologies, among which an important place belongs to the use of stem cells and placenta extract for rejuvenation, can slow down the aging process and prevent age-related changes.

The possibilities of cell therapy in the field of anti-age medicine attract the scientists’ attention not less than the treatment of serious diseases. After all, stem cells have proven to be indispensable helpers in the fight against many manifestations of age, including the ability to reduce the likelihood of tumors development. One of the scientifically based theories explaining the aging process is that with age, the activity of an enzyme called telomerase gradually decreases in the human body and the length of chromosome telomeres decreases. Because of this, the genetic stability of the cells impairs, increasing the likelihood of tumors. Cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta stem cells have high telomerase activity – this enzyme is able to restore the original length of telomeres, end sections of chromosomes. Due to this effect, perinatal tissues stem cells are effective in anti-aging therapy programs. In addition, stem cells improve tissue regenerative abilities, promote wound and fracture healing, these risks increase with age, and the body can not cope with recovery on its own, as the number of undifferentiated cells decreases over the years.

To increase the ability of tissues to recover is one of the tasks of anti-age therapy, which stem cells help to solve. Biological products containing them have a positive effect on the regeneration processes, the state of the cardiovascular system, and immune functions – this effect is noted in most patients who have undergone anti-age therapy with stem cell preparations. Their properties are already well studied today, but research is ongoing. However, even without scientific evidence of a regenerative and antitumor effect, doctors began to use stem cell preparations for rejuvenation several decades ago. At those times only famous actors and politicians could benefit from this opportunity. However, now anti-age therapy is available to everyone, and those for whom parents at birth preserved the cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta stem cells can use these biological products without the risk of any complications or rejection.

The ability to extend youth courtesy of stem cells is one of the reasons why many families expecting a baby decide to preserve perinatal tissues after birth – cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta. Both the child and its parents will be able to use stored cells.

Possibilities of stem cells for the rejuvenation

In order to understand what prospects open to those who apply to the cord blood bank and store the cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta stem cells of a newborn baby, it is necessary to recall the mechanism of work of these unique cells. Every adult has the reserve of these cells in their body. In the case of illness, organ damage, during aging, the body “directs” the available undifferentiated (stem) cells to where they are needed to “repair” the affected tissues. However, with age, the stem cells reserve decreases, as well as their proliferative potential (that is, the ability to divide) and the ability to differentiate (this means that they can take on the functions of different organs cells less and less). At the same time, changes in organs become more and more significant, and as a result, the body lacks opportunities for “repair”. Even if no diseases develop, the irreversible aging processes of the body lead to a gradual wilting, which manifests externally, in well-being and in the functioning of internal organs. The introduction of a stem cell preparation allows you to start the natural processes of tissue regeneration, due to which the body as a whole is rejuvenated. That is, stem cells are a unique opportunity to prolong biological youth and not only improve skin condition and get rid of wrinkles or age spots. Stem cell rejuvenation allows you to:

  • improve overall well-being, increase working capacity and endurance, add vitality
  • improve movements coordination, memory, speed of reaction
  • normalize the work of internal organs, metabolic processes
  • boost immunity
  • reduce the likelihood of tumors development
  • improve skin condition
  • stimulate sex drive in women and men

A younger body is less susceptible to disease and more hardy. Stem cells in the course of rejuvenation program can achieve such a result. It is important to know that the biological material stored in the stem cell bank can be used for the manufacturing of various drugs that are used for different purposes. A unique source of not only stem cells, but also many other useful substances – the placenta, which is applied both to isolate stem cells and to create an extract used externally and intravenously. Please note that placental extract for intravenous administration (and, accordingly, systemic action) in Ukraine is produced only in the laboratory of the Institute of Cell Therapy Cryobank. Here you can read more about the placenta storage and the advantages of preparations made from it

Who can benefit from the stored stem cells for rejuvenation purposes

For the procedures within the anti-age therapy, both donor and own (autologous) stem cells are used. The same applies to the placenta extract. The use of autologous biological material has great advantages:

  1. This is completely safe from the point of view of immunological compatibility and tolerability of the administered drug, since the body perceives its own cells without the risk of rejection or allergic reactions.
  2. Using your own biological material is much cheaper than using a biological product, derived from donor stem cells. The cost of a sample of donated cord blood reaches 20,000 euros. If we use stem cells stored by parents at the time of birth, the cost of biological material will be equal only to the costs of its collection and storage. You can calculate these costs thanks to a convenient calculator . It is also economically more profitable to use placenta extract stored for your own needs in a stem cell bank than to purchase it for any procedures.

Cord blood and placenta stem cells collected and stored at birth, as well as the manufactured placenta extract, can be used both for the child (for the purpose of treatment (https://cryobank.ua/articles/stvolovye-kletki-chto-eto-i-zachem- oni-nuzhny/) and as a part of anti-age programs), as well as for its parents and other close relatives. For example, the placenta extract stored at birth is enough for the parents and for the child by the time when it grows up and desires to benefit from the anti-age therapy.

At what age should stem cells be used for rejuvenation?

There is no definite answer to this question. Anti-age procedures with stem cells can be performed both for young people for the prevention of age-related changes and the maximum “delay” of aging, as well as for middle-aged and elderly persons. In this case, stem cells and other biological products will help maintain the functions of all organs and systems, including cardiovascular system, increase immunity, promote the production of antitumor factors, improve the quality of sexual life, improve the appearance, positively affect the skin condition, increase its elasticity and ability to renew.

Both women and men can benefit from the possibilities of anti-age therapy based on stem cells. The placenta extract is also used regardless of gender and always gives an excellent result both for external use and for intravenous administration.

Antiage therapy is becoming increasingly popular every year throughout the world and also in Ukraine. Its capabilities are expanding together with the development of cell medicine. The collection and storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells and placenta is a step towards a long youth for a child born today, and the opportunity to preserve youth during many years for its loved ones.