Placenta extract

The clinic of the Institute of Cell Therapy has 15 years of experience with the use of placental biologicals in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology

  • Patented technologies. The patented technologies of the Institute of Cell Therapy allow extracting from the placenta an extract that contains valuable growth factors, vitamins, enzymes and microelements, but is devoid of allergens, toxins, infectious agents (patents UA14549, UA14548, UA59096, UA56085)
  • Own PCR laboratory. It makes it possible, at all stages of production, to conduct strict monitoring of the infectious safety of preparations
  • Field of application. Placental extract manufactured by Cryobank is suitable for external and injectable use
  • Individual schemes of application. The scheme of application of biological preparations of the placenta is selected individually by a council of doctors of the Institute of Cell Therapy, taking into account each case

Properties of placenta extract:

  • Regenerative
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunocorrective
  • Neuroprotective
  • Normalizing hormonal function in women

The use of placenta extract for medicinal purposes is necessary:

  • In asthenic-vegetative syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • In secondary immunodeficiencies, reducing the body’s resistance to infections
  • In diseases associated with metabolic disorders
  • To prevent cancer
  • To increase sexual and fertile activity
  • In rehabilitation schemes after surgery, severe injuries, chemotherapy and infectious diseases
  • In chronic diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, dysbiosis, chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia)
  • In chronic inflammatory diseases
  • In the pathologies of the nervous system (encephalopathy, polyneuritis, the effects of neuroinfections) to prevent premature aging

Enzymes and anticoagulants in the composition of the placenta extract provide the following effect:

  • Strengthening reparative processes in damaged organs
  • Enhance immunity and stress resistance of the body
  • Nonspecific stimulation of endocrine organs
  • Improving the metabolism of the cardiovascular system at the cellular level
  • Improving brain cognitive function associated with learning and memory
  • Restoration of vitality, increased tolerance to physical stress and stabilization of the mental health

It is a scientifically proven fact that the placenta extract releases its biological action at the cellular and molecular levels due to the high composition of low molecular weight proteins, growth factors, NADPH, enzymes and anticoagulants