Placental Stem Cells

By preserving the placenta, you get an extra supply of stem cells that are unique in their cytochemical profile and unlimited possibilities of cell therapy.

Unique properties of stem cells in the placenta:

  1. High plasticity.
    When processed in the laboratory with special growth factors, it is possible to obtain bone, cartilage, skin, myocardium, and many other human tissues and organs.
  2. Low immunogenicity.
    Do not cause immunological rejection, which allows the use of placental products for the treatment of all family members.

The stem cells of the placenta offer ample opportunities in the treatment of dozens of serious diseases, but this biospecimen will be safe and usable only if it is properly processed and cryostored.

The Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy is the only one in Ukraine that owns the methods of processing, cultivation and freezing of stem cells of the placenta.