The Institute of Cell Therapy has confirmed the international accreditation ISO 9001:2015

In 2014, the Institute of Cell Therapy was the first umbilical cord blood bank in Ukraine to receive the high international quality certificate ISO 9001:2015, and to this day remains the only cryobank in the country, whose quality management system meets ISO standards

ISO is an international standardization organization founded in 1947. The purpose of ISO is the ratification of existing standards, developed by different countries of the world in order to ensure that products manufactured by a certified company comply with a single international quality standard adopted worldwide

International ISO standards ensure that the products or services of a certified enterprise are safe, reliable and of good quality.

An important requirement of the ISO quality management system is a detailed description of all procedures and manipulations performed on the basis of the certified enterprise, as well as unconditional compliance with the prescribed protocols and instructions. Also, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO standard, the certified company is obliged to continuously carry out thorough monitoring of executable processes and analyze the results obtained. Such an organization allows to exclude errors

The compliance of the certified quality management system with the requirements of the specified standard is checked by means of external supervisory audits

Thus, during 5 years all structural subdivisions of the Institute of Cell Therapy (Cryobank, Clinic, Center of Science) have been undergoing regular independent audits on compliance with the ISO standard

Certification of the Institute of Cell Therapy in accordance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 provides Cryobank clients additional guarantees of the highest quality services for the cryoconservation of perinatal tissues (umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord, placenta), as well as recognition of our products by foreign clinics, if the treatment abroad is necessary

The Institute of Cell Therapy will continue making all efforts to meet high international quality standards and to justify the trust of our clients