Umbilical cord blood against aging

Umbilical cord blood, as a unique biological product, has been used in medicine for 30 years. According to the content of stem cells, cord blood is not inferior to the bone marrow, and its collection, unlike the latter, is safe and painless. Therefore, according to international hematopoietic stem cell registries, more than 40,000 cord blood transplants have been performed in the world.

As a hematopoietic cell transplant, umbilical cord blood has been used since the late 1980s, and annually several thousand cord blood transplants are performed worldwide to treat hematopoietic diseases.

At the beginning of the XXI century cord blood specialists got interested in regenerative medicine, specializing in the repair of pathologically affected internal organs. When pharmaceuticals can only reduce the symptoms of the disease, stem cells are able to repair the structure of damaged tissues. The list of diseases in which umbilical cord blood is officially used in  regenerative medicine has more than 80 nosological units (diseases).

Bioinformant, an American company specializing in biotechnology research, distinguishes 3 main steps in the use of cord blood:

  1. in hematologic transplantology (instead of bone marrow for the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma);
  2. in regenerative medicine;
  3. in anti-age therapy and to increase life expectancy.

One of the scientific explanations for why a person ages is the inevitable shortening of telomere length in chromosomes with age and a decrease in the activity of an enzyme, such as telomerase in cells. An important finding is that umbilical cord stem cell chromosomes are characterized by significantly higher telomerase activity than adult or elderly cells. This has prompted scientists to use cord blood stem cells in anti-aging therapy, since the introduction of cord blood leads to the restoration of chromosome lengths in cells. Experimental studies have shown that old animals, who have been injected cord blood stem cells, live longer than their peers who have not been treated with anti-age therapy.

Recently, Dr. Robert Hariri founded a new biotechnology company exploring the possibility of extending life span in humans through the application of cord blood and other perinatal tissues, including the placenta.

Source: and data of the Association of cryobanks.

In Ukraine, the Institute of Cell Therapy has also developed an exclusive program of revitalization or anti-aging therapy, based on the use of cord blood stem cells and the elixir of life – the placenta extract. The first and Ukraine’s only ISO-accredited Cryobank, launched in 2003 at the Institute of Cell Therapy, provides world-class services for the storage of cord blood stem cells, placenta and umbilical cord, which in the future can be used both in the treatment of diseases and to maintain health and youth.