Cord blood in the treatment of knee joint osteoarthritis

Osteoartritis is the destruction of joint cartilage. More than 350 mln people worldwide suffer from this desease. It causes severe pain and discomfort in joints, limits motional activity and may become the cause of disability

Treatment of knee joint osteoarthritis is one of the most actual problems in modern orthopedics. Antiinflammatory drugs, chondroprotectors, physiotherapy and even surgery do not provide the desired therapeutic effect

The umbilical cord blood contains stem cells, able to give rise to cartilagineous or bone tissues. That is why the scientists associate with stem cells injections big hopes for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Actually the sources of stem cells are cord blood, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, placental blood and placental tissue itself, bone marrow, peripheral blood, adipose tissue

Cord blood is the idea source of stem cells for the treatment of osteoarthritis. It is rich in mesenchymal stem cells, possessing prominent anti-inflammatory effect and also they are able to transform into cells of cartilaginous or bone tissues, restoring this way the affected joint

Our Cryobank owns methods of cultivation of mesenchymal stem cells of the umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta into the cells of cartilaginous and bone tissues. And in collaboration with the Romodanow Institute of Neurosurgery of NAMS of Ukraine we developed the technology of herniated discs treatment using cultivated chondrocytes, that was rewarded by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine