Athletes treat injuries by stem cell

American football and basketball are among the most traumatic and dangerous sports. Annually about 900 thousand injuries in such athletes are registered in the USA. Knees, ankles, shoulders and hips are damaged the most frequently. These injuries are usually quite serious and can become a reason of  the end of the professional career or too long rehabilitation

Hines Ward from Pittsburgh Steelers was one of the first athletes to apply for cell therapy. He was restoring his strained medial collateral ligament of the knee. Adrian Clayborn from Atlanta Falcons was recovering after the same injury

Treatment of Jarvis Green from Denver Broncos consisted of injections of his own stem cells isolated from the bone marrow into the knee joints. Jarvis’ colleague Knowshon Moreno also received stem cell treatment for injured knee joints

Sydney Rice from Seattle Seahawks was treated with an injection of cell preparation Regenokine in Switzerland. And Rolando McClain from Oakland Raiders Team, who suffered from persistent knee pain, between the games underwent a therapy with stem cells isolated from his own adipose cells

Unwillingness to undertake a long-term rehabilitation after surgeries and the possibility to restore damaged ligaments leads athletes to apply for stem cell treatment. And this allows them to return faster to their previous physical condition


In Ukraine, the scientists from the Institute of Cell Therapy have developed a technology for intervertebral discs regeneration, based on the application of cultivated autologous chondrocytes (cartilage cells). The new therapy accelerates the rehabilitation of patients with herniated intervertebral discs, and has already been awarded by the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine