How to increase the number of stem cells in the body

Stem cells are the principle basis of the body, they can reproduce any adult tissue, such as muscle, bone, cartilage, myocardium or liver. From the stem cells once formed all our organs. Newborns have a lot of stem cells, so children and young people are so easily recovered after injuries, infectious diseases. With age, the stem cell pool decreases in geometric progression. For example, if at birth the number of stem cells is 1 per 10,000 of all cells, then to 16 years – 1 per 100,000, and at the retirement age – 1 per 500,000 cellular elements.

Stem cells are becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of diseases that can not be defeated through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. These are diabetes mellitus, cirrhosis of the liver, scarring of the myocardium after a heart attack, stroke consequences etc. The injected stem cells by means of special adhesion molecules on their surface recognize the tissues of the damaged organs, accumulate in them and restore them.

The mechanism of therapeutic action of stem cells depends on their type. To date, 2 ways of regenerative effect of stem cells are disclosed:

  • stimulation of organ restoration by means of biologically active substances  release (growth factors of the nerves, epithelium, hepatocytes (liver cells) etc);
  • transformation into specialized cells and restoration of the damaged organs.

Today, stem cells are predominantly isolated from the umbilical cord blood, placenta, umbilical cord, bone marrow, adipose tissue, menstrual blood, pulp of milk teeth. With the development of personalized medicine, when medicines are manufactured individually for each patient, biobanking of stem cells and human tissues is actively developing. As, for example, more and more parents store the stem cells of their newborn’s umbilical cord blood as a family biological health insurance for the case of disease.

Also, scientists are investigating how to increase naturally the number of stem cells in the adult body, and therefore to stimulate the internal reserves of self-healing.

It is known that the number of stem cells in the body increases with physical activity. This is one of the explanations of the positive effects of sports on the cardiovascular system. Physical loading leads to the increase in the number of circulating endothelial progenitor cells, from which new capillaries are formed, thus improving blood supply to the heart, and triggering regenerative processes in the endomyocardium. Positive effects of sex and moderate sunbaths on the number and regenerative potential of precursor cells are also noted.

Studies, conducted by American scientists (Stanford University, USA), have shown that insomnia is detrimental to functional parameters of stem cells in the body. Thus, reduction of the duration of night sleep by 4 hours 2 times decreases the ability of stem cells to migrate, while only 2 hours of restorative sleep renews their quantitative and qualitative indices.

Numerous scientific papers are devoted to the clarification of the influence of nutrition on the number of circulating stem cells in the body. So, according to the Stem Cells journal, diet enriched with vitamins C (red and green peppers,  citrus, kiwi, cabbage, strawberries, black currants) and D3 (cod liver and tuna, sardines, caviar, milk, eggs, natural antioxidants (contained in high-quality red wine, green tea, nuts) increase the number of stem cells in the body.

Thus, according to scientists, sports, positive emotions, dosed sunbaths, adequate sleep and balanced nutrition will help to preserve stem cells in the organism, an additional reserve of health, programmed by nature.

However, one more secret is available only for women, how to benefit from cell therapy without using injections – to get pregnant. It is definitely known that during pregnancy the stem cells of the unborn baby are circulating in the blood of women. That is, not only a woman makes every effort to bear and give birth to a healthy baby, but the baby supports their mother in the difficult period of pregnancy and strengthens her body before childbirth.