Where is placenta extract used?

The patented technologies of the Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy for the first time in Ukraine allowed to produce biological preparations from the placenta, the cosmetic effect of which can compete with invasive procedures

  • Exclusive Postpartum Rehabilitation Programs
    Postpartum rehabilitation programs allow a woman to:
    • recover quickly from pregnancy and childbirth
    • achieve a pronounced cosmetic effect
    • boost the immune system
    • prevent exacerbation of chronic diseases
    • improve overall well-being
  • Revitalization (programs of “restoration of vital forces”)
    Biopreparations based on placenta extract (as unique nonspecific immunomodulators and reparants) manufactured by the Institute of Cell Therapy can be used for women and men and can be effective in cases of complex treatment:
    • chronic inflammatory diseases (chronic urogenital infections, urethritis, prostatitis)
    • during the recovery period after extensive surgical interventions
    • injuries
    • infectious diseases
    • during extreme physical exertion
    • under chronic stress
  • Anti-age Therapy
    Biological products based on placenta extract are used in medical cosmetology for:
    • correction of age-related facial changes
    • smoothing wrinkles, eliminating stretch marks, softening scars
    • “cleansing” areas of skin hyperpigmentation after childbirth
    • acne treatment
    • stop hair loss
    • treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo
    • skin whitening
    • in complex programs of “revitalization”

Placenta-based face and body care products are included in the arsenal of exclusive cosmetic procedures at Hollywood clinics

After a 10-day course of application of “live” placental masks at the Institute of Cell Therapy, you will receive a guaranteed long-term result of non-surgical facelift and skin rejuvenation. Masks based on the placenta extract easily penetrate, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and fat balance, restore turgor and elasticity, improve blood microcirculation, promote the elimination of toxins, nourish tissues, stimulate metabolism and regeneration, protect the skin from the effects of harmful external factors, improve complexion. Placenta extract is a powerful stimulator of hair growth, improves the nutrition of the hair follicles and activates the “sleeping” hair follicles

Harvested and stored according to the technology of the Institute of Cell Therapy, placental extract has no analogues in Ukraine. An important feature of placental preparations is universality, which means that any member of the family will be able to use them