July is cord blood awareness month

The undeniable medical value of umbilical cord blood for decades has never been in doubt. In approximately every 5th case, umbilical cord blood is used for transplantation instead of bone marrow as a source of hematopoietic stem cells in the treatment of many diseases. Since 1988, more than 50,000 such applications have been performed worldwide.

Umbilical cord blood banks in the developed world have long been an integral part of health care system. The latter are of two types: state (public) and private (family type). In public biobanks, umbilical cord blood is stored at the expense of the state and is voluntarily donated by mothers who want to save someone’s life. In family-type (private) banks, parents pay for umbilical cord blood processing and storage services for their family’s needs, that is comparable to bioinsurance.

In order to raise the awareness of future parents about the biological value of umbilical cord blood and the possibility of its storage, the month of July in some countries is considered the “Cord Blood Awareness Month.”

The First Cryobank of Ukraine The Institute of Cell Therapy for many years in July supports international initiatives to hold a cord blood awareness month.

Expectant parents are invited to thematic lectures, where the Institute of Cell Therapy experts tell all about umbilical cord blood, its storage and clinical application.