One more stem cell drug will treat COVID-19

Biotechnology company Aspire Health Science, which specializes in the development and manufacturing of cell based drugs, is undergoing appropriate procedures at the US and Canada FDA to obtain approval for the use of stem cells drug ACT-20 in the treatment of severe COVID-19 pneumonia. ACT-20 contains mesenchymal stem cells.

Previous preclinical and clinical studies have shown that mesenchymal stem cells improve treatment outcomes in patients with COVID-19. The therapeutic effect of mesenchymal stem cells in severe coronavirus pneumonia is explained, in particular, by their ability to reduce the “cytokine storm”. It is shown that coronavirus, affecting immunocompetent cells, causes them to secrete a large number of biologically active substances (cytokines) with pro-inflammatory action, and their excess causes severe pneumonia, tissue damage, the development of respiratory failure. Mesenchymal stem cells reduce the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and promote the regeneration of lung tissue, as well as have an immunomodulatory effect.

In Ukraine, the Institute of Cell Therapy has developed a treatment protocol for COVID-19 using mesenchymal placental stem cells. Already today, the first and Ukraine’s only ISO-accredited Cryobank Institute of Cell Therapy stores about 300 doses of donor mesenchymal stem cells, ready for use in patients with coronavirus pneumonia.