Placenta Stem Cells Against Coronavirus

In the human body, for the defense against viruses the same immune cells are responsible as for antitumor immunity, these are T-lymphocytes, in particular, the so-called even in official medicine “natural killer cells” (NKs). The use of T-lymphocytes, especially after genetic manipulations, is considered one of the most promising approaches to the treatment of malignant diseases. In 2018, the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology was awarded precisely for discoveries in the field of T-cell cancer therapy. It has also been proven that in the fight against malignant diseases, umbilical cord blood T-cells are promising.

The coronavirus pandemic and the lack of effective drugs prompted scientists to consider the use of T-lymphocytes in the fight against COVID-19 as a natural antiviral drug. In the United States, a biotechnology company has already applied to the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) for the permission to use a drug, based on placental stem cell  transformed into NK cells, which was previously developed for the treatment of cancer.

There is already evidence on the effectiveness of the use of NK cells in the treatment of acute respiratory syndrome, what substantiates that placental stem cells might be effective in the treatment of coronavirus infection.

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In Ukraine, the Institute of Cell Therapy has vast experience in isolating and culturing placental and umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and has already offered to provide free cell preparations to national medical institutions for treating patients with coronavirus pneumonia in a severe condition all / projects / stvolovye-kletki-protiv-koronavirusa-covid-19-vozmojno