Experience of autism treatment in Nicoloz from Georgia by umbilical cord blood stem cells

Autism is the disorder of neurologic development, manifesting in early childhood. Its typical manifestations are alterations of social interactions, repeated behavior, limited interests and activity. Causes of autism are diverse from genetic predisposition to the effect of environmental factors. Previously autistic spectrum disorders were diagnosed in 1 for 88 children, now in 1 for 68. Some changes in the brain morphology of people with autism were scientifically proven. About 40% children with autism suffer from mental retardation. Unfortunately, drugs or methods of autism treatment do not yet exist

Nicoloz from Georgia was diagnosed autism in the age of 3 years, the boy could not pronounce a word, was unable to focus attention on anything, was not interested in other children and did not communicate with them
Nicoloz passed classical treatment of autism with ABA-therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis). This intensive educational program is developed to teach children with autism social skills from the ability to communicate to social interactions, selfcare, behaviour in school, ability to get employed in the future. Unfortunately, this program resulted only in slight improvement, i.e. the boy learnt to pronounce three words
Later the parents got to know that autism manifestations are decreased after the treatment by the own umbilical cord blood stem cells. Then the parents of Nicoloz contacted the cord blood bank in Georgia, where his cord blood was stored and got information about opportunities for such therapy

Umbilical cord blood stem cell treatment includes 3 intrathecal injections to children with autism with 6 months interval. The needle is inserted between vertebras, delivering the stem cells into all regions of brain, cerebellum and limbic system. Stem cells are delivered to the damaged focus and provide paracrine effect. Significant improvement of Nicoloz condition was noted already after 2 injections. His vocabulary expanded significantly, Nicoloz can communicate with short sentences. His behaviour improved, emotional explosions and aggression are not observed anymore. Nicoloz goes to school and studies according to slightly adopted program

Nicoloz parents are grateful to the obstetrician, who persuaded them in the necessity to store the cord blood and consider the actual condition of their son as a miracle

The article is written based on the content of Parents Guide to Cord Blood Foundation – https://parentsguidecordblood.org/en/news/nicoloz-story-autism-treatment-intrathecal-injection-autologous-cord-blood