The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians recommends cord blood for COVID-19

The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians has developed recommendations for the treatment of COVID-19. The proposed protocol has already been sent to the World Health Organization.

The COVID-19 treatment protocol, developed by the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians, implicates the administration of high doses of vitamin C and D, zinc, chloroquine, and cord blood mononuclear cells at a dose of 1 million/kg. The proposed treatment regimen also includes the use of a nebulizer with exosomes isolated from amniotic fluid.

Cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells from which blood and immune system cells are formed, as well as mesenchymal stem cells. Chinese and American doctors reported cases of curing coronavirus pneumonia by means of  umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells infusions.

The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians is an organization created to develop research in regenerative medicine. At the moment, the organization serves as an educational platform for doctors, scientists and the public.

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In Ukraine, the Institute of Cell Therapy has developed a protocol for the treatment of coronavirus pneumonia with placental mesenchymal stem cells lacking ACE-2 receptors. The mechanism of therapeutic action of placental mesenchymal stem cells in coronavirus pneumonia is based on their powerful anti-inflammatory effect, namely the ability to inhibit the “cytokine storm” caused by the action of COVID-19, as well as pronounced regenerative and immunomodulating effects.