The case of overcoming coronavirus infection with cord blood

According to Chinese scientists, a 65-year-old Chinese woman, who was in serious condition after being infected with a coronavirus, suprisingly recovered after the introduction of cord blood stem cells. For almost 2 weeks, the patient was in the intensive care unit of Baoshan Clinic in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, southwestern China due to Covid-19 infection.

But as reported in an article published by Kunming University scientists led by Dr. Hu Ming, just 4 days after the first injection of cord blood stem cells, the woman rose to her feet and was able to walk again.

According to scientists, although this is the only case of successful recovery from coronavirus with the help of cord blood stem cells, it is extremely important and justifies clinical studies for the treatment of critical Covid-19-patients using cord blood cells.

“The introduction of cord blood stem cells along with other immunomodulatory agents may be an ideal treatment for coronavirus infection,” the publication said.

According to the World Health Organization, this case is already one of 14 registered clinical trials for the treatment of coronarovirus infection with the stem cells.

Zhang Xingming, director of the Department of Biological Technology at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Pekin (China), said at a press conference on February 15, 2020, that preliminary results of cell therapy clinical trials on coronavirus infection show that this treatment is safe and effective.


The first licensed cryobank of Ukraine, established in 2003 at the Institute of Cell Therapy, provides services on the long-term storage of cord blood, placenta and umbilical cord stem cells. In 2020, the Institute of Cell Therapy Clinic developed a special preventive and therapeutic program to strengthen the immune system to counteract coronavirus infection.